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Fockea Primer
Fockea Primer

Fockea Primer

Fockea Edulis

Fockea family of caudiciforms is highly desireable for most succulent collectors because of the fat textured tuberous roots. The roots grow and swell very rapidly even at a young age. They will out grow a pot within one or two seasons and will crack the pot or be so tightly packed in the pot that you can't get it without cutting the pot or the plant. When re-potting fockea, expose as much of the tuberous roots as possible. At first they will be white, but exposed to fresh air, they will quickly turn a nice earth color.

Fockea is a great plant for the bonsai hobbyest, as the large tuberous roots can be laid across the top surface of the pot to great affect. Two species are collected be succulent hobbyests: F. edulis and F. crispa. They both have the same fat root habit, but F. crispa has small curly leaves and is the rarer species of the two.

Extra Large Fockea edulis

Caring for Fockea is very simple. Give them regular water in fast draining soil during the warms months. Remember to oversize the pot. They will grow faster in bright light, however, a shady location is okay. During the winter, protect them from frost. Stop watering if its location falls below 50 degrees F. Trim the vines periodically to prevent Fockea from overtaking your other plants. It also looks more attractive with an occasional haircut.

Extra Large Fockea edulis 2