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Fouquieria columnaris Baja Boojum Tree Extra Large 57
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Fouquieria columnaris Baja Boojum Tree Extra Large 57
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Fouquieria columnaris is a tall cone shaped succulent tree from Baja California. It has a pale green trunk with many spiny branches. In growth, these branches are covered with linear leaves the same light-green color as the trunk. This specimen is large and desert grown and can handle temperatures to the high teens. It is a winter grower and should be kept on the dry side during the summer. Plant in fast draining soil. You are selecting the Fouquieria pictured. The leaves will drop off when shipped. New leaves will appear after re-establishment. It is a succulent plant.

Old ones can develop a very robust trunk.

Looks like a tall skinny Christmas tree.

Enjoy a Slideshow of Fouquieria columnaris in Baja California.

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